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Inside the Free to Love Again Workshop

Carl Kikerpill, Founder of Free to Love Again

Carl Kikerpill has experienced the disappointment of multiple failed marriages and has been actively involved in leading and teaching inner healing, divorce, recovery, forgiveness and transformational ministries over the past 22 years.

If you choose to use your Divorce as an opportunity to grow personally, to take responsibility, to forgive, to rediscover who you were created to be, and who you are, you will laugh and experience joy again. Carl's life is proof of this!

Click the IG link below to find out more.

Peggy Maddie, MA/MFT marriage & family therapist

The effect of Divorce goes beyond you and your spouse. It will effect your children as well. For teens it can bring many changes and they often feel like everything is out of their control during and after Divorce.

There is hope for everyone who is experienced or has experienced divorce. Our team is compromised of walking testimonies of divorced men and women who have walked through the valley of despair of divorce and are either happily remarried or living a very abundant meaningful lives as single adults.

One of the best ways to protect your children is to get whole and healthy yourself, the more quickly we grow through our divorce in a healthy way, and take responsibility and forgive the more available, we can be for our children. Click the IG link below to find out more.

Kirstin Leigh, Founder of The Change Your Story Workshop & certified wellness coach

Past trauma, addictions, faulty mindsets, and hidden hurts hinder our life, as well as every relationship we are in. But with God--and a lot of work, you can break free from what has been breaking you. In her message, "Developing a Victorious Mindset," Kirstin covers topics such as: rewiring your brain, being transformed by God's word, how to recognize unhealthy patterns and relationships, the importance of Speaking Life into Your Life, the power of forgiveness, how Purpose is the Key to Breakthrough, and how you can leave the role of Victim behind and become Victorious.

Michelle Jordan, certified Mediator through Strauss Institute

Michelle is a family advocate active in arranging seminars for families dealing with legal and mental health issues. During the Free to Love Again Workshop, Michelle offers training on protecting your child through high-conflict divorce. She also helps adult children of divorce cope and move forward from past traumas. Find out more:

Karla Downing, LMFT

Karla discusses forgiveness and boundaries. In order to effectively detach with love and reach clarity, she highlights misconceptions and the importance to recognize roots for enabling, codependency, resentment, and unforgiveness.

A Word from Founders, Cherie Francis Boegeman & Cark Kikerpill as they celebrate 15 years of serving the community.

Children and Teens of Divorce

Forgiveness is Letting Go of Revenge

Give Your Children the Power to Talk

What is Your Journey Towards Forgiveness?

Hurt People Hurt People

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