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Past Speakers 

Dianne Baskevitch RN, MA

Dianne has been a practicing Acute Care RN since 1986 and holds a Bachelors Degree in Health Science from Chapman University and a Masters Degree in Clinical Ministry from Loma Linda University, where she was trained as a Hospital Chaplain. In addition to completing her Master's Thesis Research on Unforgiveness and its negative effects on the whole person; body, soul and spirit, she has seen these disastrous and cyclical effects play out first hand by working many years as an Emergency Room RN. She is currently working as a Post Anesthesia Care Nurse in Irvine at the Hoag Orthopedic Institute.

Bill Faris

Bill Faris is a Christian Counselor, speaker, writer, and House Church Pastor living in Orange County, California. As a counselor, Bill sees individuals and couples in San Juan Capistrano and Costa Mesa, California. He is also an experienced retreat leader, seminar speaker, and co-leader of extensive annual retreats for Pastors hosted by the Vineyard USA. Bill's publications include Gracelets, a weekly email newsletter, and his books The Christian Leader's Wish List Homegrown: Our First Steps in Bringing the Church Back Home; and How Healed Do You Want to Be? He and Robin have four children and a set of triplet grandchildren.


Eileen Callahan

Eileen Callahan, L.C.S.W., is a licensed psychotherapist who completed her graduate degree in clinical social work and postgraduate study in clinical psychotherapy at New York University. She maintains a private practice in Newport Beach. Eileen's passion is to help clients heal wounds and find greater joy and intimacy in their relationships. Her active, compassionate approach allows clients to experience themselves and relate to others in new, authentic ways. Areas of specialization with individuals and couples include depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. Eileen speaks at seminars, women's retreats and workshops on a variety of topics related to well-being, relationships and Christian life. A special area of commitment is the divorce recovery ministry. Eileen helps churches throughout Orange County reach out to the separated and divorced through the development and sustainment of divorce recovery programs. 

Laurel Basbas, PH.D

Laurel Basbas, Ph.D, is a Clinical Psychologist, a Marriage & Family Therapist, and an Author in private practice in Irvine, California, where her range of clients includes missionaries in third world countries to Hollywood producers! Her past experience includes working at Brea Neuropsychiatric Hospital, and teaching at Azusa Pacific University's Master's Program, where she taught, trained, and counseled therapists, ran supervision groups, and followed her vision of teaching and encouraging others to encourage others. For this contribution, Dr. Basbas was awarded "Most Effective in Integrating Faith with Teaching," and "Most Professional Teacher." Dr. Basbas is the author of an award winning book; "Broken! To Golden: Transform Your Troubles into Treasure~Your Struggles into Joy!" which reflects the heart of her vision-teaching and inspiring people to trade in their misery, trauma, false perceptions, addictions and idolatry for a glorious and heroic life of faith, hope and love. Laurel currently focuses on relationship and trauma recovery, specializing in a highly effective therapy called EMDR, which integrated with faith, helps people heal and thrive, becoming more emotionally available to themselves, their life's passions, and their loved ones. 

Annie Kirlin, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Ann Kirlin, Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Newport Beach, California. Her private practice specializes in using light therapy (ETT) for sexual trauma, PTSD, and grief. Dr. Kirlin is a former Adjunct Professor at Argosy University teaching master level aspiring therapists- Trauma Theory, Couples Theory and Relational Counseling with Human Sexuality, as well as Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy at Azusa Pacific University. Her dissertation, A Treatment Plan for Elimination of Sexual Compulsions Utilizing Attachment Theory and ETT provided a clinical treatment plan for other therapists working in this field. She frequently speaks to Marriage groups, Mom groups, Divorce Recovery Workshops, and Panels regarding sexuality, as well as conferences in California and Texas. In 2016, Dr. Kirlin completed the year-long certification program at the University of Michigan in Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education. She is also certified in the "Art for Healing” program, from Chapman University. She created and has conducted an eleven-week Grief Workshop since 2006- utilizing color and art mediums to process emotions surrounding grief.  She also has her Masters in Pastoral Counseling that allows her to integrate spiritual elements along with coaching elements to bring improvement during life’s difficult challenges.

NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS: Contact- 714-299-7773

Tamara Farrar, Family Law & Domestic Violence

Tamara Farrar, of the Law Office of Tamara Farrar, is a family law and domestic violence attorney based in Orange County, California. She has been practicing law since 1989 and has substantial experience representing clients in all areas of family law.​ Tamara has been through divorce and is a child of divorce herself. As a result, she is in the unique position to understand what her clients are going through. Tamara understands that when new clients initially come see her, they are hurt and worried about the future. She also knows that the last thing those clients need is an attorney who will extend the process of separation and divorce, adding unnecessary fees and emotional pain to an already challenging process.


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