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About Us

We are a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping men, women and their children who have or are experiencing divorce grieve, heal, grow, gain hope and be free to love and be loved again.

The “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Ministry is located in Orange County. It is unique in that the team will teach, encourage, provoke, challenge and help participants to process their grief, take responsibility for their contribution for the failure of their marriage, forgive their ex-spouse and others. The workshop will facilitate the process of your ability to go forward with hope and wholeness towards being free to love and be loved again.

Free to Love Again is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.

About Us: About Me
About Us: Team Members


Carl Kikerpill
Carl Kikerpill, Founder

Carl Kikerpill is the Father of 2 daughters and helped to raise 3 other “bonus” daughters and 3 “bonus” sons. He has experienced the disappointment of multiple failed marriages and has been actively involved in leading and teaching inner healing, divorce recovery, forgiveness and transformational ministries over the past 22 years. He has learned through the pain of past broken relationships that the meaning of our lives is defined by our relationships, our ability to forgive and learn how to love and receive love. He is the co-founder of the "Free to Love Again" Divorce Recovery Ministry. Carl was a Director of Business Development/Client Services for a large global management and IT consulting firm. He has a MS in Management and is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Cherie-Francis Boegeman
Cherie-Francis Boegeman, Co-Founder

Cherie Francis-Boegeman is a successful small healthcare business owner and the co-founder of the "Free to Love Again, a Recovery from Divorce and Broken Relationships workshop. She has a grown son and daughter. Cherie has a true "From Ashes to Beauty" testimony, as she has re-married after being a struggling single parent. She has been a speaker since the Free to Love Again workshop began. Cherie helps participants to get to the truth of their failed marriage by sharing herself so authentically. Being real with yourself is the first step toward a healthy recovery. “I figured if I was brutally honest as I shared the very embarrassing mistakes I made after my divorce, I might save others from making the same mistakes.”

Karla Downing
Karla Downing, LMFT

Karla Downing is an award-winning best-selling author, speaker, teacher, and licensed marriage and family therapist. Karla’s passion is to see individuals, marriages, and families set free from the chains of dysfunction, scriptural misunderstanding, and emotional pain personally and relationally. Her messages provide practical solutions based on biblical truths that bring balance and clarity to life and relationship issues. She also desires to equip ministry leaders and lay counselors to reach out more effectively to those that are struggling with difficult relationships.

Peggy Massie
Peggy Massie, MA/ MFT

Peggy Massie is a marriage and family therapist graduated from Chapman University. With over 24 years of experience, she enjoys helping with marriage counseling, healing past wounds of abuse, painful childhoods, angry children & teens, fears, anxiety, depression, grief, blended family stress and issues affecting your relationship with God. She has found much success helping clients with short-term therapy, equipping them with skills within 8 sessions. 


Michelle Yegsigian-Jordan
Michelle Yegsigian-Jordan, Training, Coaching and Mediation
  • Certified Mediator through Strauss Institute/ Pepperdine University 2009 to Present

  • Family Advocate Active in Arranging Training Seminars for Bill Eddy, New Ways for Families for legal and mental health professionals 2008-2009 eligible for CLE credits

  • Impact Campaign Director and Resource Creator, Organizer for Erasing Family Documentary

  • Training with Panel Discussion, eligible for CLE Credits, May 2016-Present

  • Family/Individual and Reunification Coaching, Strategic Divorce and Mediation Coaching 2009 To Present

  • 2009-Present, Added Component for Mitigating High Conflict Divorce Solutions and Awareness of Families, Challenges and Parallel Parenting Solutions when dealing with Emotional Cutoff of Children, Coercive Control and Personality Disordered Co-Parents

  • Arranged Multiple Fundraisers and Introductions for Erasing Family, May, 2016-Present, assisted Director in multiple capacities.

  • Certified Conscious Co-Parenting Coach & Mediator, trained and practicing in High Road To

  • Reunification, Custody Resolution Method 2018 to Present

  • Arranged a Training Seminar for Dr. Craig Childress as well as introductions in 2018 for legal and mental health professionals.

  • Trained in the Immanuel Approach For Healing Trauma, 2019 to present

Kirstin Leigh
Kirstin Leigh, Founder The Change Your Story Workshop
Author, Speaker, Life and Wellness Coach

After running away from her dreams and battling addictions for over a decade, Kirstin Leigh is now an acclaimed author, speaker, wellness/life coach, and the founder of The Change Your Story Workshop. The Change Your Story Workshop is a 9 week program that offers a faith based, holistic approach to Breaking Free from what’s breaking you, and Discovering how Purpose is the Key to Breakthrough. It equips you with the tools it takes, to live in the freedom God provides. To review the curriculum, watch videos, and read testimonies, or to schedule an appointment for personal coaching, please visit: To find out more about Kirstin:

Edison Briones
Edison Briones, Chef, Artist, Chair person and fundraiser for AIDS, Cancer and Bullied Children

Edison graduated with Honors from Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy, Kendall College. He also studied at Art Center- and  NYU doing extensive research in the addiction field and was co-founder of R3Set Sanctuary--a recovery space for people living with addiction. Edison was being saved by Grace from a dysfunctional relationship, and has recovered from addiction from drugs, alcohol and unhealthy relationships. He has dedicated him life to helping those in need.

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