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Can I ever be whole again?

Yes. You can be whole again. In fact, if you choose to grow through your divorce, you can actually be more whole as a single divorced person than you were in an unhealthy lonely marriage.

Is there life after divorce?

Yes. After you have walked through the four stages of divorce as a victor rather than as a victim, there can be an even more abundant life as a single person than you experienced as an unhappily married person.

Is there hope for me?

Yes. There is hope for everyone who is experiencing or has experienced divorce. Our team is comprised of walking testimonies or divorced men and women who have walked through the “Valley of Despair” of divorce and are either happily remarried or living very abundant meaningful lives as single adults.

Will I ever laugh again?

Yes. If you choose to use your divorce as an opportunity to grow personally, to take responsibility, to forgive, to rediscover who you were created to be and who you are, you will laugh and experience joy again.

How can I protect and help my children get through this?

One of the best ways to protect your children is to get whole and healthy yourself. Just like when an airplane loses cabin pressure and we need to put on the oxygen masks first and then help your children put on theirs, the same is true for helping our children through divorce. The more quickly we grow through our divorce in a healthy way and take responsibility and forgive, the more available we can be for our children.

Can I be useful to God again?

Going through a painful experience like divorce can actually expand our capacity to love and God can use us to help others through painful experiences in their lives.

Will I ever be able to love or be loved again?

Yes. The “Free to Love Again” divorce recovery workshop can help you to grow, be free from anger and bitterness from the past and be fully present and available to receive and give love again. Many of our participants have since remarried and are in much healthier relationships than their previous marriages.

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