We are a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping men, women and their children who have or are experiencing divorce grieve, heal, grow, gain hope and be free to love and be loved again.

Hear the Gracelets Podcast "Is There Life After Divorce?"

Click Here To Listen "Cherie Francis-Boegeman and Eileen Callahan - Free to Love Again" is an audio message aimed to encourage, provoke, challenge and help people to process their grief, take responsibility for their contribution for the failure of their marriage, forgive their ex-spouse and others. The presenter’s workshop series, Free to Love Again - Divorce Recovery Workshop, is a ministry that helps facilitate the process of one’s ability to go forward with hope and wholeness towards being free to love and be loved again.
Click Here To Listen "Carl Kikerpill - Gracelets - Divorce as an Opportunity, With Guest Carl Kikerpill. Bill and his guest, Carl Kikerpill, talk about the opportunities for growth, change, and healing embedded in life's toughest times -- including divorce. As they review Carl's story, themes of spiritual growth and healing, divorce recovery, and other topics reveal the mercy and power of God to meet us wherever we may be beginning. .
Click Here To Listen "Eileen Callahan .