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Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW)

We are a non-profit ministry dedicated to helping men, women and their children who have or are experiencing divorce grieve, heal, grow, gain hope and be free to love and be loved again.

The “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Ministry is located in Orange County. It is unique in that the team will teach, encourage, provoke, challenge and help participants to process their grief, take responsibility for their contribution for the failure of their marriage, forgive their ex-spouse and others. The workshop will facilitate the process of your ability to go forward with hope and wholeness towards being free to love and be loved again.

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Divorce Recovery

4 Stages Of Divorce Recovery Free To Love Again.


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"The DRW was an excellent program and I personally gained a great deal of insight and awareness to help me process my divorce. I experienced the program as being a peaceful place to reflect upon the lessons of marriage separation. The instructors provided some good insight and perspectives and that the team was very real, transparent, and empathetic. I would highly recommend this program to anyone going through a divorce or who is recently divorced."

"In the safety of this loving community, God began to restore my emotional, spiritual and financial health. As a single mother of two teenagers living only on my income, I found myself not having to fight so hard for mere survival. I, actually, found myself adjusting to living in abundance, joy and being able to minister to others."