Divorce Recovery Workshop information

Topics Discussed

  • Walking through a painful grief process
  • Where am I in the recovery process? What needs recovering?
  • Acceptance: a key to recovery
  • Are you a victim or a victor?
  • Finding community and building a support network
  • Letting go
  • Loneliness or aloneness?
  • Where have my friends and family gone?
  • Dealing with the Ex
  • Children the innocent victims, how to best support them
  • Sex and sexuality: another battleground
  • Forgiveness: the foundation of healing
  • Relationships - the essence of life. Taking responsibility for
    broken relationship and choosing to forgive
  • Who does God say I that am, calling out my uniqueness and destiny
  • Go forth into your future and prosper
  • So  ... what about remarriage?

What you can expect from this workshop

  • A caring atmosphere facilitated by those who understand your pain
  • A safe place to meet new people who have experienced the pain of divorce
  • Active participation in a small group setting with trained male and female leaders
  • Help going through your divorce to create meaningful, authentic friendships that can last beyond the workshop
  • An opportunity to gain new tools that will challenge you to think, cope and act in healthier ways
  • Help to gain perspective on your situation. Including understanding and beginning the process of forgiveness
  • Hope and vision for a better future
  • Help for your children, the innocent victims of divorce to process their anger, sadness, shame and fear
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