How can I tell if my child needs help?

Many adults now acknowledge the of a supportive professional as they face the challenges divorce inevitably brings. But many parents are unsure at what point their child may be exhibiting signs that indicate a need for professional counseling.

  • Sleep disturbances (nightmares or difficulty going to sleep)
  • Eating Changes (complaints of stomach hurting, increased pickiness in food choices, finding solace in eating sweets or high fat foods)
  • School Problems (a child once social may isolate
    or push peers away, aggressiveness)
  • Withdrawal
  • Outbursts of Anger or Destructive Behavior (can
    verbal or physical)
  • Trying Hard to get parents to reconcile
  • Becoming the “Perfect” child or confidant
  • Coping with a difficult custody battle

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Director of Nightengale Center in Yorba Linda, CA, Author of “My Parents Still
Love Me Even Though They’re Getting Divorced”

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