Something for the Children

Almost half the children in this country will experience the separation of their parents before they are 16 years old. For most children this is a very painful life defining experience. Our Children’s Divorce Workshop is a group experience for your child with other children who are “in the same boat” and is designed and supervised by licensed therapists to give them a safe place to get in touch with what they are feeling and to talk about it with others,


Here is a video that could also help parents to address these consequences by giving the children guidance in sharing and discussing their lives. It may also be a good exercise for intact families to watch this video to help their children promote understanding and compassion of their friends divorce experiences. 
Personal experiences and feelings of children as the parents go through divorce, and then coping with two homes, are told in “SPLIT, A Film for Kids of Divorce (and their Parents),” a 30 minute documentary. It is a deeply personal film made in collaboration with children ages 6 to 12, exploring the often frightening and always life altering separations/divorces of their parents.
This is a film made about children for children. 

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