"Twenty years ago I gave my heart and soul to my fiancé who also introduced me to Jesus. But betrayal became evident when he (my fiancé) was diagnosed with AIDS and my heart shut down. In my prospective, men weren’t safe, and this included God my Father.


Fast forward to 2016. I joined Vineyard CC and heard of Divorce Recovery, “Free to Love Again.” Could this two night one day training help me unlock my heart and trust again? To me, this would take a miracle.


And that is was. The gentle loving space created by Carl, Ana, Cherie and their team started to melt my stoney heart. The exercises with men and women were powerful and impactful. The healing words of God’s love empowered my faith. Around forty people attended, coming from all stages of divorce, some current, and some years old, like mine. Yes each of us declared, “FREEDOM” from pain and isolation and self-recrimination by the end of the course. We became part of community, a spiritual family that shared a deliverance and were full of joy.


This Divorce Recovery course is unlike any other. It’s powerful and meaningful and dignified. I encourage anyone, Christian or not, who is recovering from the sting of divorce, to come on Nov. 17-19, 2016 for the second workshop of the year. It only costs $50 with advance registration. So worth every dime and every minute. What’s available is love, and compassion and healing to the broken hearted. Thank you Carl and Ana and team. You helped set me free."

"The Divorce Recovery Workshop was the third divorce recovery workshop I had been to. The first two were at two different churches and were basically informational. At the VCC workshop I felt comfortable, was with people I felt safe with and was able to trust that anything I shared would not leave my group or the room we met together in. I was able to be vulnerable in sharing my honest feelings -- cry, express anger and hurt and did not feel any condemnation. At the VCC workshop I received emotional healing and inner healing from the Holy Spirit. This is truly a place where I could really begin and continue my healing from my divorce."

"The DRW was an excellent program and I personally gained a great deal of insight and awareness to help me process my divorce.  I experienced the program as being a peaceful place to reflect upon the lessons of marriage separation.  The instructors provided some good insight and perspectives and that the team was very real, transparent, and empathetic. I  would highly recommend this program to anyone going through a divorce or who is recently divorced."

"In the safety of this loving community, God began to restore my emotional, spiritual and financial health. As a single mother of two teenagers living only on my income, I found  myself not having to fight so hard for mere survival. I, actually, found myself adjusting to living in abundance, joy and being able to minister to others."

“I remember one morning shortly after the workshop hearing my teenagers stampeding down the stairs. They were rushing to see why I was laughing. They hadn’t heard me laugh in over a year. The workshop began to bring me out of despair and helped me to see hope again”

“The workshop helped me to get the healing I needed so that I could then begin to better parent my kids with the usual things. I was better able to be present and emotionally available when I was with my kids and I could focus on helping them.”

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