The Team

Carl Kikerpill

Carl Kikerpill is the father of two daughters who has experienced the disappointment of multiple failed marriages and has been actively involved in leading and teaching inner healing, divorce recovery, forgiveness and transformational ministries over the past 13 years. He has learned through the pain of past broken relationships that the meaning of our lives is defined by our  relationships, our ability to forgive and learn how to love and receive love. He is the co-founder of the “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Ministry. Carl is currently a Director of Business Development/Client Services for a large global management and IT consulting firm. He has a MS in Management and is a graduate of the United State Military Academy at West Point.

Cherie Francis-Boegeman

Cherie Francis-Boegeman is a successful small healthcare business owner and the co-founder of the “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Workshop. She has a 20 year-old daughter and a 15 year-old son. Cherie has a true “From Ashes to Beauty” testimony, as she has recently re-married after being a struggling single parent. She has been a speaker since the Free to Love Again workshop began. Cherie helps participants to get to the truth of their failed marriage by sharing herself so authentically. Being real with yourself is the first step toward a healthy recovery.  “I figured if I was brutally honest as I shared the very embarrassing mistakes I made after my divorce, I might save others from making the same mistakes.”

Eileen Callahan

Eileen Callahan, L.C.S.W., is a licensed psychotherapist who completed her graduate degree in clinical social work and postgraduate study in clinical psychotherapy at New York University.  She maintains a private practice in Newport Beach and can be found at


Eileen's passion is to help clients heal wounds and find greater joy and intimacy in their relationships. Her active, compassionate approach allows clients to experience themselves and relate to others in new, authentic ways. Areas of specialization with individuals and couples include depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues.


Eileen speaks at seminars, women's retreats and workshops on a variety of topics related to well-being, relationships and Christian life.  A special area of commitment is the divorce recovery ministry. Eileen helps churches throughout Orange County reach out to the separated and divorced through the development and sustainment of divorce recovery programs.

Darrell Bender

Darrell was married for 30 years, and he divorced in 2008. He has 2 daughters, and he has been employed by AT&T for 35 years as a telephone and data technician. In the past 40 years he has served in many ministries including: leading a marriage ministry at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, led ministry teams to South Africa and to Kansas City, Christian Life Fellowship, Christmas in April (rebuilding homes for the poor), Mariners Church Divorce Care, Wednesday night applications and the “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery ministry. Darrell became a Christian in 1971 at a Billy Graham movie "Time to Run."

Dianne Baskevitch RN, MA

Dianne has been a practicing Acute Care RN since 1986 and holds a Bachelors Degree in Health Science from Chapman University and a Masters Degree in Clinical Ministry from Loma Linda University, where she was trained as a Hospital Chaplain.  In addition to completing her Master's Thesis Research on Unforgiveness and its negative effects on the whole person; body, soul and spirit, she has seen these disastrous and cyclical effects play out first hand by working many years as an Emergency Room RN. She is currently working as a Post Anesthesia Care Nurse in Irvine at the Hoag Orthopedic Institute.

Don Sciortino

Don has been a Vineyard pastor since 1983 and has always gravitated toward the healing ministry of Jesus. Seeing people's lives get restored and brought to new life is a central call to all he is about. Don and his wife Karen have begun a new church plant in Laguna Beach called Laguna Beach Net-Works.

JeynNe Sanchez

JeynNe Sanchez is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern with a passion for working with children. Shortly after receiving her master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University in Marriage and Family Therapy, she worked
for Outreach Concern, Inc., a non-profit school-based agency. During her time there, she worked with children and adolescents with diagnoses including: ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, PTSD, separation anxiety disorder, and adjustment disorder. She was able to succeed in empowering these students to overcome their personal obstacles as they demonstrated growth and progress in both home and academic settings.


Currently, she is working as a therapist for SPARE Counseling Center in Anaheim, CA, a non-profit organization that offers counseling services to address life issues faced by both Christian and non-religious communities. Through SPARE, she is able to cultivate healing from both a psychotherapeutic and Christian faith perspective, helping clients, and especially children, to improve their quality of life and lead more productive lives. Furthermore, she serves as a co-leader for the children’s portion of the Free to Love Again Divorce Recovery Workshop, utilizing play therapy techniques to help young children work through the difficulties associated with divorce.


Overall, JeynNe believes in taking a warm, respectful, non-judgmental approach to therapy. She believes in building a trusting relationship with her clients, allowing them to share at their own pace, and ultimately collaborating with them to meet their goals.


Kathleen Hernandez

Kathleen Hernandez is a marriage and family therapist registered intern at SPARE Counseling in Anaheim Hills. In addition to her Master’s degree, Kathleen draws from a wealth of life experiences as she assists adults, children and couples struggling with marital discord, the fallout of divorce, single parent issues, establishing a healthy stepfamily, handling catastrophic illness, and grief.


As a co-leader of the Children’s Group, a part of the “Free To Love Again” divorce recovery workshop, Kathleen provides a safe place for children to express and process their feelings related to their parent’s
divorce through play and art. Additionally, children learn about forgiveness and how un-forgiveness affects the body and mind, as well as the truth that they can still love both parents.


Kathleen and her husband are getting ready to celebrate their 10th anniversary. She is a mother of a 24-year-old son and a 21-year-old daughter from her first marriage and knows firsthand the pain of divorce and the struggles of being a single parent.   In her own divorce experience, Kathleen became aware of the difficulties that her children faced during and after the divorce, which were very different than her own. Through trial and error, help from others, books, and classes she learned ways to help her children with their struggles from divorce.





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